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Welcome to Aiguille Rock Climbing Centers, Central Florida’s premier indoor rock climbing facility. Since 1997, we have been Orlando's only full service (top-rope, bouldering, and fitness) indoor climbing facility. Our 10,000 square feet of climbing surfaces offer unique fitness activities for participants of all ages and ability levels. Come climb with us and let us show you the world from a different perspective.


Facility Information

Aiguille has 10,000 square feet of climbing with walls up to 24 feet high. We offer five top rope walls, six auto-belays, and several dedicated bouldering-only areas designed to be accessible to all ability levels. Whether you are a new climber or a seasoned veteran, there is something fun and challenging to try!


Carries Most Climbing Brands

Our extensive pro shop offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor climbing products. We stock climbing shoes and harnesses in various sizes so you can see what works for you before you buy. You can also browse chalk bags, carabiners, training tools, ropes, and more. We stock most major climbing brands and most small ones, too!



Projects and routes

Routesetting is assembling the routes and boulder problems of varying difficulties and styles using holds, which are the grips you will be using to ascend the walls. At Aiguille, our USAC certified routesetting team is constantly changing the holds on the walls to give customers a new adventure with every visit and to give members new "projects" to work.

Our holds are marked with colored pieces of tape to indicate different paths or “routes” with an assigned difficulty. During the week, routesetters will temporarily close small sections of the gym in order to set new routes for your climbing enjoyment.


Problems and climb difficulty rating

Boulder problems at Aiguille Rock Climbing Center are rated for difficulty by the V-Scale; a “V” will precede a number from 0 to 10, although V16 has been achieved by some of the climbing world's elite. Roped climbs at Aiguille are rated for difficulty by the Yosemite Decimal System (YDS), where “5.” will precede a number ranging from 5.5 to 5.12.

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