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Aiguille hosts many different classes to bring your climbing to the next level and cater to all different skill levels.
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Intro to Belay Class

Looking to expand your rock climbing skills? Take our Intro to Belay course!

This class will teach you how to tie the necessary knots and learn how to belay on our top rope walls.
This class is not required for first-time visitors but is encouraged for people looking to graduate from the Auto-Belays.

Reserve a spot and expand your knowledge!

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Technique Classes

Aiguille teaches a basic technique class for those looking to improve their climbing ability. If you are a beginner climber and want to take the next step in climbing, this class is for you. The skills and techniques learned during this course apply to top rope, bouldering, and lead climbing. This class is about an hour long and is recommended for climbers 12 and up.

*This class is not required for first-time climbers

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Spotting and Falling

Spotting and falling at a climbing gym are two essential safety skills. Spotting is when a climber is supported by another person to catch them if they fall off the wall. Falling safely is an important skill to master, as it ensures the climber can take more risks and progress in their climbing. Experienced climbers should always spot beginners, and consider taking a class to learn proper spotting techniques. Falling properly is also essential for avoiding injury, as it allows the climber to land on their feet and absorb the impact of the fall. Climbing gyms provide a safe and supportive environment for climbers to practice spotting and falling, and should be utilized to improve climbing safety.

If you have any questions, please call us at (407) 332-1430 or email us at

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Private Instruction

Aiguille also provides instructional classes for a multitude of climbing-related disciplines, with each class being tailored to our customers' needs. Some subjects we can cover are lead climbing, climbing technique, first-time outdoors, sport and trad lead, rappelling, anchors, rescue, ice climbing, mountaineering, industrial and commercial work, and adventure racing. Certain disciplines may be unavailable at any given time.

If you have any questions, please call us at (407) 332-1430 or email us at

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