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Welcome to Aiguille! Before your first visit, learn about the basics of rock climbing and what to expect. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer any questions and help you get the most out of your experience. We offer a range of climbing class levels, from beginner to advanced, and provide all the necessary equipment. During your visit, you can explore the different climbing walls and learn proper techniques. We look forward to your first visit.

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An Introduction: Learn to Climb

Here at Aiguille, we offer two types of climbing: bouldering and rope.

Bouldering is climbing lower to the ground without a rope and does not require extensive instruction. Top-roping requires at least two people, the climber and the belayer, and requires instruction. Want to rope without a partner? Our auto-belays allow someone to climb without the requirement of a belayer. All participants must be at least five years old AND 25 lbs to participate.

What to Expect at Aiguille

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It's time to make climbing part of your routine! Memberships get you full access to the gym during all business hours and open up great discounts and climbing classes. Visit our Memberships page for prices and all the amazing perks you receive when you're part of the Aiguille family.

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