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How to Find a Job in the Climbing Industry?

Are you interested in a career in the climbing industry? Whether you're a seasoned climber or just starting out, there's a job for you. From roles at climbing gyms to opportunities in the digital space with renowned brands like Black Diamond or Petzl, we've got you covered. The key is to find the right fit based on your skills and experience.


What Types of Jobs Are Available in the Climbing Industry?


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Climbing Gyms


Hospitality Staff:


Looking to kickstart your career in the climbing industry? The most accessible entry point is often at your local climbing gym. Hospitality staff, who form the backbone of the workforce, welcome newcomers with open arms. You don't need extensive experience to land a role here. These team members manage the front desk, assist guests, conduct orientations, and ensure everyone follows safety protocols. If you have a background in customer service, your chances of joining a climbing gym are high. And the best part? You don't even need to be a climber to start!


Route Setter:


The most demanding job within the climbing industry is the Route Setter, better known as a "setter." These people are responsible for creating the different routes or boulder problems in a climbing gym. Route setting requires climbing every shift, so it's regarded as the most demanding job within the climbing industry.




An instructor at a climbing gym teaches classes to kids and adults about climbing. Through private or public lessons, summer camps, or youth team climbing coaching, an instructor helps others learn how to climb and encourages them to improve. This job requires experience and a specific set of skills.




While you don't need to be a climber to understand how to manage a climbing gym, it certainly helps! Managing a climbing gym is a demanding job that requires working with the public and your staff to create a welcoming and safe environment.


Digital Space


While climbing gyms are a great way to work in the climbing industry, they aren't the only way. Working in the digital space with climbing companies requires more experience than working in a gym. A few jobs within the climbing industry's digital space include marketing, writing, and social media.


Other Jobs


Not interested in a traditional climbing gym role or looking to expand your skills in the digital climbing space? Don't worry, the climbing industry has a wide range of opportunities for you. Just like any other company, climbing companies require professionals in various fields such as HR, IT, Product Management, Distribution, and Sales. This means that once you're in, there's a world of possibilities for growth and advancement, regardless of your initial role.


Besides desk staff, the most entry-level position you can obtain with a climbing company is in their warehouse. A climbing company that distributes its products has employees who fulfill orders and ensure timeliness and organization in their job duties.


Even More Jobs


More jobs in the climbing industry are other demanding work, but if you enjoy working in and around the industry, they may be the position for you.




If you're passionate about outdoor climbing and love teaching others, becoming a certified climbing guide could be your dream job. Whether it's guiding climbers on big mountains or helping beginners with single pitch certification, a climbing guide plays a crucial role in ensuring climbers learn to climb outdoors safely. You can choose to work with established companies or freelance your services, depending on your preferences and the level of independence you seek.


Climbing Wall Builder:


Companies like Enterprise, Vertical Solutions, Eldorado Climbing (and many others) also design and manufacture climbing walls used in gyms, universities, or community centers—this type of job constructs and installs climbing walls designed for their clients.


Where Can I Find a Climbing Industry Job?


If you're looking for a job at a climbing gym or a specific company, the best way to find positions you may have experience with is to check out its website.


If you need help figuring out where to start or exactly what you want to do but know that you want to work in the climbing industry, browse sites like Job Listings - Climbing Business Journal Search | Indeed, or and look for open climbing-related positions.

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